A country rich in beauty and culture, that extends back thousands of years, Oman is an alluring and fascinating destination. From the vast desert ranges to the crystal blue coastlines and the magnificent oasis', it is a land of natural treasures. Explore the architectural delights of the Round Tower Fort of Nizwa, the Natural History Museum and the Al Jalali Fort.

Discover the traditional lifestyle of the Bedouin by visiting one of the many camps, which are spread throughout the Wadi Sands. Be adventurous and try a range of activities, from rock-climbing in the deep canyons and wadis to camel riding and desert trekking.

Dive into the picturesque waters of Salalah where you will discover the unique marine life. Wander through the local markets along the Corniche and the Old Muttrah souq where you can shop for keepsakes and treasures.