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Portrayed by sun kissed white washed houses and blue domed monasteries, Greece, the cradle of civilization, is a land blessed by the Gods. Islands set like exquisite jewels in the endless turquoise Greek waters, sun washed shores and golden stretches of sand, a wealth of archaeological ruins which are a true testimony to a glorious past, and a rich and diversified natural environment ranging from olive groves to snowy mountains, Greece is a canvas painted with an assortment of landscapes.

The heartbeat which brings this nation to life is the passion, warmth, simplicity and generous hospitality of the Greek people and their cultural heritage, which will remain with you for always.

Crowned by the Acropolis, the thrilling city of Athens where classical antiquity fusions with modernity, is awaiting to welcome you and showcase its infamous treasures. Come and live your myth. Greece will keep you forever spellbound.