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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a wholesaler?

Sun Island Tours is an Australian wholesaler, working proudly with Australian Travel Agents, to source local products, including accommodation, tours, packages and cruises.

When will I receive my documentation?

Documentation is issued usually 3 weeks prior to departure from Australia.

Why is a package a different price than what was initially quoted?

All packages are based on certain accommodation. If the accommodation is unavailable to what was initially quoted, then new accommodation with new prices will apply.

Are drinks included in meals?

Unless otherwise specified, no drinks are included with meals, and are payable on consumption.

Do we need a visa?

For each destination it is best to check with your travel agent to ensure that you get the correct advise based on your nationality and duration of travel. Generally, most of our destinations do not require Visas for leisure travel, or can be purchased on arrival in the destination.


What does guaranteed departures mean?

Once you are booked and confirmed on a tour, the tour will definitely go ahead and will not cancel. Minimum numbers do apply though, for instance in Turkey where the minimum number of passengers needed to guarantee the tour is two.

I'm a single traveller. Can I share accommodation?

We do not unfortunately offer any accommodation shares on our tours, cruises or packages.

What is the standard of accommodation?

In each destination the standard of accommodation may vary, but generally we categorise accommodation as: Tourist 2-3 star, Standard 3-3.5 star, Superior 4 star, Deluxe 5 star, Platinum 5 star superior.

How many passengers are on your tours?

Number of passengers vary depending on the product and destination. We do offer small group tours of less than 20 passengers, however tours can go up to 45 passengers.

What does partially escorted or private tours mean?

Private tours are packages which have independent travel combined with services such as accommodation, transfers, ferries and day tours. Partially Escorted tours are a combination of independent travel on a duration of the program and escorted coach touring.

What should I tip?

Usually tipping is extra unless specified on your documentation. Tipping is not mandatory, but we do encourage it if you have received good service. We recommend approximately AU$ 5-10 per day for guides and AU$ 3-5 for drivers.


What time are our departure transfers?

Departure transfer times will be made available locally up to 48 hours prior to departure.


Where do we get our ferry tickets in Greece?

If accommodation is booked with Sun Island Tours, ferry tickets will usually be delivered to the first hotel service in Greece. Otherwise, the ferry tickets will be picked up from our local agent in Greece listed on your documentation.

What time are ferries?

Unless stated on your invoice and vouchers, times are not released as they are subject to change and cancellation. You may however request a certain time and we will endeavour to match this request.

Can we book ferries on the same day as flights?

As we do not release ferry schedules due to their volatility, we insist on not booking ferries and flights on the same day.

Do you sell day tours on the Greek Islands?

No we do not sell day tours on the Greek Islands. This is mainly because all tours are quite cheap and easily organised on arrival in Greece.

Israel / Jordan

Can day trips be organised between Jordan & Israel?

Border crossing times are unpredictable and as such we cannot guarantee that you will have enough time to visit the destination.